Why Professional Lead Removal from Paint is Important


Got home renovation plans? If you’re planning to start it with a repaint, you better make sure you’re using lead-free paint. However, it would be difficult for you to determine which is which if you are not a lead removal specialist yourself. In a case like this, it is best to avail of professional services to make sure the removal of lead from paint is efficiently done.

You don’t want any toxic substance mixed up with the paint you use for your home repaint project. Like lead, it can pose threats to the health of you and everyone in your household. This is the main reason why you should avoid it in any part of your home most especially with the paint you’re using. And when you avail of a lead removal service, it is important that professionals are the ones doing it for you. Here’s why:

Detect Lead-Based Paint

The goal is to make use of lead-free paint but since you are not capable of determining which paint is unsafe to use, leave it to the experts instead. They have high-quality equipment to easily detect lead in the paint you’re about to use. Their lead removal process is extensive enough to make sure no lead contaminates your paint in any way.

Eliminate Lead Effectively

At times when you already have applied the paint, there is no way you’re going to have it removed easily. Besides doing a repaint, you can hire professionals to eliminate it from your property walls. They have efficient solutions and tools that can make it less of a hassle on your part.

Safe Lead Disposal

After effectively getting rid of lead from your paint, a reliable service provider would already know of the basics on how to dispose it. They are experts in the industry so you can always rely on their safe lead disposal services.


TLD Services Inc will efficiently remove lead from your paint promptly! If you need our assistance for your home repainting plans in Elmhurst, NY, we can guarantee our stellar services! Call us today at (347) 665-6748.


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